The Elusive Perfect Shoe

The Elusive Perfect Shoe

People come in all the time looking for the perfect pair of shoes. The one pair that will fit all of your needs: something you can walk in for days, something for work, something you can run outdoors and climb mountains with, something that can be dressy and casual, and something that matches every outfit that you own. Well I’m sorry to say that this idea of a one all be all shoe, very likely, does not exist. That is why you have many shoes in your closet, and it is also why we sell a lot of shoes at Danform.


There are shoes out there that fit the bill more often than not. They possess a lot of good qualities and meet a lot of our needs. Some comfortable walking shoes are great for, well walking, but not great for outdoor adventuring. And there are others that are for running and can be used for, again obviously running, but also walking, adventuring, and working out at the gym. These types of shoes are usually easy to find.


What I think is the most challenging shoe to find is something that you can wear on your feet all day long. Something that gives you support and holds up for a long time. And most importantly, something that doesn’t look hideous on your feet and you can actually be seen in public with. The shoe that I’ve found that measures up to all of those needs is my beloved pair of Dansko Professional Stapled Clog in Antique Brown. They’re comfortable, they offer a ton of support, and they are very cute. They are not the only shoes I own, but I do seem to slip them on more frequently than the others. I have different shoes for different needs, as most of you do, but I must say my Danskos are my tried and true go to shoes.




As with most things though, not everyone will feel the same way I do about Dansko Clogs, and you want to know something? That is totally fine. It’s all about what works for you. We as humans have different needs and because of that, we have different shoes.


So dear reader, I invite you to find your perfect shoe. I know it’s out there and with a little hope and due diligence, you will find it. It may not fit every single one of your shoe needs, but I think you’ll know they’re perfect when you’ve put them on your feet.









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