Do You Have Happy Feet?

Do You Have Happy Feet?

If you took a second to think about your feet, what would be the first thing that comes to mind? If you had to pick just one or two words to describe the current status of your feet, what would it be? If I had to pick the perfect word to describe my feet in their current state it would be, happy. My feet haven’t always been happy though. They’ve been achy, sore, sweaty, cold, dry, and painted red with nail polish!


Since I started working at Danform, I’ve started to analyze my feet and what I could do to change the way they felt. Getting a new pair of feet wasn’t an option, so I needed to work with what I have. I soon began to realize that the right pair of shoes made a huge difference with the happiness of my feet. I also noticed that my feet are super flat and have little to no arch. So my goal was to find the right shoe with awesome arch support!


If you read my previous post, you learned about my love for my Dansko clogs. They are my go-to shoes, but I was still in search of an alternate. Then I quickly learned the pros and cons of working at a shoe store: There are many shoes to choose from and I get to try all of them on! But, I wanted to buy every single one. So I compromised with myself. I decided to just get an insert for all the shoes I currently own, and any others I may accumulate in the near future. The inserts I chose have made a huge difference. I can put them in most of my shoes, they have great arch support and they’re on a memory foam foot bed.


 P1000309       Now it’s your turn. Assess the current status of your feet, figure out what you need to make them the happiest they could be, then find the right shoes, or inserts and experience pure feet bliss. You’d be surprised how happy you are when you have happy feet!


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