The Perfect Gift For…

The Perfect Gift For…

It’s the week before Christmas and most of us are almost completely done with our holiday shopping. Or if you’re like me, you’ve waited for the last possible moment to do all of your shopping. Whichever category you fall into, this list of ideas will hopefully give you some inspiration for any last minute gifts or even complete your entire list!



The Dog Walker:

            Whoever this person is probably has several pairs of shoes, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves. All very important things needed to be outside in the winter months with our beloved pets. Though, if you have a new puppy or a very energetic dog, sometimes getting all that gear on takes forever. What I suggest is an easy pair of shoes to slip in and out of, that can hold up to a boot. Merrell has made the perfect shoe, the Polarand Rove Moc. Think Jungle Moc, but winterized. It’s a slip-on shoe that feels like a boot, minus the ankle and calf part. The features of the shoe are excellent including, select Ice Grip treads, Active Heat insulation in the foot bed, 100 grams of Thinsulate insulation throughout the shoe and they are completely waterproof. These would be a perfect fit for your favorite dog walker, and possibly even a new warm Pistill scarf and hat to go with it!



IMG_0164The Stylish Man:

            If you’re looking for a shoe for a guy who prefers a little more style but also something functional I would recommend a Blundstone. They are becoming increasingly popular that even some other brands are making a “blundstone style” boot. They are ankle length leather boots with a great tread. Some models even have a duel density layer that reduces shock absorption. They are functional, fashion-friendly, and perfect for your stylish man.





The Active Woman:IMG_0178

            Staying active in the winter time is a serious anecdote to the winter blues. It’s hard to want to go outside when it’s below zero and when you don’t have the proper outdoor gear. Most of the time, winter boots are very heavy and clunky and hard to walk in for a long period of time. Ahnu, which is a fairly new brand started by two people from Keen, has a great line of hikers for women. One of their most popular hiker, the Montara, was the inspiration for their winter boot, the Northridge. It’s a very lightweight, mid-calf boot that has 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation. It has a zip-up side and a tie in front, so once you have the tie at the right width, you can just zip in and out of the boot. With a Vibram rubber outsole, a lightweight design, and great insulation, this will sure please the active woman in your life.



  IMG_0169  The Chilly Feet Club:

           I know slippers are the type of gift you give someone you don’t know very well and you figure, well everyone could use a pair of slippers. And in some ways that’s right, but we all know someone, maybe it’s even you, who generally always has cold feet. There are several different slippers to choose from at Danform, and they all serve different purposes. Halflingers are good for an indoor/outdoor shoe that’s warm with decent arch support, and then there are the Uggs. Don’t get me wrong; Ugg boots are more of a glorified slipper. They’re not the greatest of winter boots, they give little to no support, and they’re not waterproof. But Ugg boots and slippers are the warmest and coziest things you can put on your feet. They’re perfect for cuddling up on the couch and sipping hot cocoa, and they will make any of your special chilly feet club members have the warmest feet around.

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